Mediation or Arbitration?

Not only can law suits be expensive, but they can often take many years for parties to reach any type of resolution. The goal of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Group (ADR) is to solve legal disputes in a timely and cost effective manner, through either mediation or arbitration.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in settling complex cases and assisting clients in resolving conflict. We offer a process that is professionally managed, a flexible schedule with immediate availabilities and have a team that is sensitive to every client's needs.


If parties attempt to voluntarily resolve their disputes, our ADR Group is able to facilitate this process. With mediation, no outcome is imposed on anyone. Our lawyers facilitate open dialogue between each party and manage the process by assisting in the negotiation of a mutually agreeable solution to the dispute at hand.


If parties prefer arbitration over mediation, our ADR Group can aid in this process. Our arbitration team has extensive legal expertise and is trained to use the mechanisms of ADR to successfully arbitrate a settlement.

Joanne Guarasci (Petermann)
Joanne Guarasci (Petermann)
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