Legal Matters - Personal Injury

I hosted a Holiday party where one of my guests consumed too much alcohol, attempted to drive home and sustained injuries in a car accident. Can I be found responsible?
Yes.  You could be found partially responsible. 
 With the holiday season approaching, many of us will host parties for our friends and loved ones where alcohol is being served. Although you do not have the same legal duties as someone who runs a bar, if you are providing alcohol or permitting alcohol to be consumed (BYOB), you do have some responsibilities.
If you provide alcohol to a guest to the point of intoxication or continue to supply alcohol to them when they are already obviously intoxicated, and you then allow them to drive, you could be partially responsible for any resulting injuries. Taking steps such as stopping the supply of alcohol, arranging for someone to drive your guest home, putting your guest in a cab, taking away your guest’s keys and inviting your guest to stay overnight can limit your liability.  Be prepared to call the police for help if your guest is intoxicated and intends to drive.
 Taking these steps to provide for the safety of your friends is not only legally advisable, it’s what friends are for.