Our office is open to maintain essential business functions and provide urgent legal services, however, most of our lawyers and staff are working remotely.  We are committed to the safety and well-being of our Firm, clients, business partners and the community at large. At this time we are asking members of the public to please call ahead before attending our premises.  By calling our main line you will be directed to a lawyer who can assist you remotely.

Updates from the Ontario Court of Justice

Updates from the Ontario Court of Justice as per https://www.ontariocourts.ca/ocj/covid-19/:
Unless you have an urgent criminal or an urgent family court appearance in the Ontario Court of Justice between Friday March 20, 2020 and Friday May 29, 2020, do not attend court.
All family trials, criminal trials and preliminary inquiries March 20, 2020 and May 29, 2020 are suspended, subject to a judge seized with a continuing matter ordering otherwise. These guidelines apply to both in-custody and out-of-custody accused.
As a result, the Court is reducing the number of courtrooms that will operate. Judicial officials will remain available to preside over: regularly scheduled bail courts, remand and plea courts for in-custody proceedings; plea court for urgent out-of-custody matters; urgent family proceedings; applications under the Health Protection and Promotion Act; and urgent and/or essential intake court functions.
Urgent out-of-custody pleas may include guilty pleas to impaired charges in order to make the accused eligible to access Stream “A”. For further updates, please visit the Ontario Court of Justice website or speak with a criminal lawyer.

If your matter is scheduled for…. Your matter is adjourned to
Monday March 16 Monday May 25
Tuesday March 17 Tuesday May 26
Wednesday March 18 Wednesday May 27
Thursday March 19 Thursday May 28
Friday March 20 Friday May 29
Monday March 23 Monday June 1
Tuesday March 24 Tuesday June 2
Wednesday March 25 Wednesday June 3
Thursday March 26 Thursday June 4
Friday March 27 Friday June 5
Monday March 30 Monday June 8
Tuesday March 31 Tuesday June 9
Wednesday April 1 Wednesday June 10
Thursday April 2 Thursday June 11
Friday April 3 Friday June 12
Monday April 6 Monday June 15
Tuesday April 7 Tuesday June 16
Wednesday April 8 Wednesday June 17
Thursday April 9 Thursday June 18
Tuesday April 14 Tuesday June 23
Wednesday April 15 Wednesday June 24
Thursday April 16 Thursday June 25
Friday April 17 Friday June 26
Monday April 20 Monday June 29
Tuesday April 21 Tuesday June 30
Wednesday April 22 Monday June 22*
Thursday April 23 Thursday July 2
Friday April 24 Friday July 3
Monday April 27 Monday July 6
Tuesday April 28 Tuesday July 7
Wednesday April 29 Wednesday July 8
Thursday April 30 Thursday July 9
Friday May 1 Friday July 10
Monday May 4 Monday July 13
Tuesday May 5 Tuesday July 14
Wednesday May 6 Wednesday July 15
Thursday May 7 Thursday July 16
Friday May 8 Friday July 17
Monday May 11 Monday July 20
Tuesday May 12 Tuesday July 21
Wednesday May 13 Wednesday July 22
Thursday May 14 Thursday July 23
Friday May 15 Friday July 24
Tuesday May 19 Tuesday July 28
Wednesday May 20 Wednesday July 29
Thursday May 21 Thursday July 30
Friday May 22 Friday July 31
Monday May 25 Monday August 10**
Tuesday May 26 Tuesday August 4
Wednesday May 27 Wednesday August 5
Thursday May 28 Thursday August 6
Friday May 29 Friday August 7