Steinberg Family Law Mediations

Justice David Steinberg retired in 2012 after sitting on the Bench for over 42 years in the Ontario Court (Family Division) and the Unified Family Court branch of the Superior Court of Ontario. Family Law was his only specialty.

After he left the Bench he joined Ross & McBride in Hamilton to practice solely as a family law mediator. He has always strongly felt that mediation is a viable option for parties who are involved in family disputes and who don’t want to be involved in the court system. He was part of the planning and establishment of court mediation for family matters in Ontario.

Why Choose Mediation?

Family Law cases may sometimes take a long and costly time to be completed within the traditional court system. This is not acceptable for those who are having difficult times adjusting to the breakup of their relationships. They need access to a system that is speedy and not expensive. Mediation may be an option for the parties and their lawyers.

David requires that all parties in a mediation have counsel on all parts of the mediation. Counsel are essential for each party to ensure that all appropriate material has been produced to him or her and that a settlement negotiated is within the range of acceptability in law. Counsel will ensure that his or her client will not try to negotiate on an emotional and impassionate basis.

The function of the mediator is to read and study the briefs submitted by each counsel, meet with all parties and their counsel, and help them work through to a settlement. The mediator is a neutral person and yet may sometimes suggest some options for consideration. But at no time will a mediator make any order. The parties and their counsel will work out the details of the settlement.

Why Choose David Steinberg?

With so many years of experience, here is a summary of accomplishments to support your decision to choose The Honourable David Steinberg as the mediator for your clients:

• He is an accomplished author, involving himself with writing about family law and editing Family Law cases. He is an editor of the annual text, Ontario Family Law Practice, which has been published since 2000; founding editor of the Reports of Family Law, completing the first 30 volumes. He wrote Volume I of the book, Family Law in the Family Courts, and he co-wrote Volume II of the same book.

• Past-Chair of the Family Law Rules Committee.

• Consultant to the Federal Law Reform Commission on the Unified Family Court.

• Received the Distinguished Service Award from the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts in 1999.

• Awarded the Ontario Bar Association Award for Excellence in Family Law in 2012.

• David is a member of Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO).

David Steinberg
David Steinberg
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