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contingency fee arrangement

I have a claim against my employer or my disability insurance provider.  Would you consider working on “contingency” (i.e. where legal fees are contingent, to a degree, on money obtained)?

Termination while on Medical Leave

John is a labourer who we hired two months ago. He has been difficult from day one and is not the right fit for our team. Two days ago, I spoke with his direct supervisor and we made the decision to terminate his employment on Friday. Yesterday however, he did not attend work and provided a note from his physician saying he was on a medical leave of absence due to a disability for the next two weeks. Can we fire him or will it be a violation of his human rights?

Reporting Human Rights Violations in the Workplace

Our employee, Robert, has worked for us for two years. Robert is black and his supervisor, Kyle, iswhite.Recently therehasbeentensionin the workplace. Robert brought a complaint to human resources alleging that Kyle is targeting him because of his colour. We retained an outside investigator who spent three weeks looking into the allegations. It was determined that Robert’s allegations were unfounded, although made in good faith. We cannot allow loose allegations like this that cause disruption in the workplace.Our management team would like to fire Robert. Canwe do that?

Squatters Rights/Adverse Possession

My neighbour’s fence is on my side of the lot line. Should I be concerned? Will I lose my property tomy neighbour because of a squatters rights claim?

Small Claims Court Series - Part 2: Steps in a Proceeding

Small Claims Court Series - Part 2: Steps in a Proceeding

Navigating Small Claims Court - Part One

Does someone owe you money but won’t pay it back? Are you curious about the Small Claims Court? Do you want to learn how to navigate your way through a legal proceeding?

Three hours pay rules.

If I have to close my store on short-notice, what do I have to pay my employees who were scheduled/able to work but didn’t, or who worked less than three hours before I sent them home?

Henson Trust protects our most vulnerable family members.

I have a disabled child who receives benefits from the Ontario Disability Support Program.  Do I need to make any special arrangements for him in my Will?  Has the law changed recently?

Who keeps matrimonial home?

My spouse and I are separating and my spouse owns our home. Do I have to move out because I am not on title to the property?