Lease vs. License

You just leased some space for your business. Or did you?

What is Undue Influence?

What is “Undue Influence”?

What is a matrimonial home?

What is the matrimonial home?

Thoughts on Const. Forcillo Verdict

Today’s verdict on the Forcillo case has undoubtedly raised several questions that the media may not be able to answer clearly.

Here’s my perspective:

Don't sign that employment release without legal advice

My employer has fired me without cause and without giving me any prior notice.   My boss even told me I had to sign a “release” before I get paid my minimum entitlements.  Can my employer do that?

New Rules to help pedestrian safety

What are the new rules regarding pedestrian crossovers and school crossings in Ontario?

Sentencing for Drinking and Driving offences.

A great deal of public attention has recently been given to the case of Marco Muzzo, currently before the court  in Newmarket on charges of criminal negligence causing 4 deaths.  Media reports have indicated that he had failed to stop for a red light and had a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit.

My long-term disability insurance company told me that after being unable to work at my own job for two years, they can stop paying my benefits because I can work somewhere else. Is this true?

Generally speaking, most long-term disability policies provide that for the first 2 years you are entitled to claim disability benefits if you cannot perform the essential duties of your own occupation – the “own occupation test”.

In a commercial lease, why does the landlord want all money payable by the tenant to be classified as rent?

The following are three categories of rent, that are oftentimes included together or in some combination thereof in a commercial lease, to ensure that almost all money owing by the tenant to the landlord is classified as rent:

Federal Government Law Priorities

Jeffrey Manishen talks with Jamie West and Tracy Lynn about some of the new Federal Government's law priorities.