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RIDE stop information

What is a RIDE check?
A RIDE check is a stop that occurs on the road for the police to see if drivers have consumed alcohol. 

Why can the police set up these RIDE checks?
Courts have acknowledged that during a RIDE check a person is being detained.  However, the law has recognized that this short detention is justified to fight the serious consequences of drinking and driving.

When do police conduct RIDE programs?
Police can conduct a RIDE at any time.  While RIDE checks occur more often in the late evening or early morning hours, they are now becoming more frequent during daytime hours.

What are your obligations during a RIDE check?
You must come to a stop for the police.  An officer will ask whether you have consumed alcohol.  If the officer has a reasonable suspicion you have alcohol in your system, you will be required to provide a breath test.

At a RIDE check, will I be automatically arrested for an offence if I have consumed alcohol?
No.  If the police do not believe you are impaired and determine your blood alcohol level is below the legal limit, you will not be arrested for a criminal offence but you could still be charged with an offence under the Highway Traffic Act

If you have not been through a RIDE, it is likely to happen at some point - the safest thing is simply not to drink and drive.