What is an Examination for Discovery?

What is an examination for discovery? My mother started a lawsuit against the other driver for injuries she suffered in a bad T-bone accident and she has to attend one of these very soon?
An examination for discovery (EFD) is an important proceeding where each party in the lawsuit is examined orally. An EFD is conducted prior to trial.
The EFD is an opportunity for each of the parties involved in the lawsuit to obtain information  about all the issues in the case  so that they can properly prepare for trial and hopefully, future settlement discussions.
So for example, your mom’s lawyer will question the at-fault driver  and the at-fault driver’s lawyer will question your mom. Proper preparation is key.
Your mom is under oath when she is providing her answers. She will be questioned about the claims she is advancing in her lawsuit.  She will be asked about her injuries and how her injuries have impacted her life.  The EFD is usually conducted at an official court reporting office. During the EFD, a transcript of the evidence is prepared. This transcript can be used at trial.