Why a simple Will may not be good enough

The frustrations of a Waterdown woman who is unable to obtain the ashes of her deceased father even though she paid for the funeral highlights the need for effective estate planning. 

What are the legal bases for challenging a Will?

What are the legal bases for challenging a Will?

Social Media and Employment issues

Should what you post online lead to potential job action?

Sunday Brunch Radio Show - January 11th

Lots of news items for a criminal lawyer to talk about . . .

Social Media and Just Cause dismissal

Employees should be very mindful of how they use social media. Depending on what your job is, who you work for and how odious your online behaviour, you might end up getting terminated for just cause.

What is an Examination for Discovery?

What is an examination for discovery? My mother started a lawsuit against the other driver for injuries she suffered in a bad T-bone accident and she has to attend one of these very soon?

Constructive Dismissal or reasonable notice?

QUESTION: I’ve held the position of operations manager for the last five years. My company is going through restructuring because profits are way down. After 12 years of being employed with this company I have been advised that as of two weeks from now I am going to be the purchasing manager, a position that presently reports to me. I will lose some money but not a lot. A number of other managers are being moved around and while I know this is not aimed at me personally, it still feels humiliating. Do I have to accept the change?

Employer no longer generous on over time pay.

QUESTION: When I was hired to be a service technician five years ago, my hiring letter indicated that I would get time and a half after the first 40 hours worked in a week. Last week the company sent out a memo indicating that as of next month, time and a half will only be paid after the first 44 hours. Can they do this?

Terminated while on disability leave

When it comes to establishing a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code a little dab of motivation will do you. The law has long been that if an employee is subjected to any kind of negative treatment which relates, even in part, to a prohibited ground of discrimination, a violation of the Human Rights Code is established as if it was the entire motivation.

What is fair, reasonable notice?

Long ago, the concept of reasonable notice of a termination evolved in the courts. It was held that it was unfair for employees, where there was no just cause for their termination, to lose their means of support without any notice whatsoever. If there was no egregious behaviour warranting an immediate termination of the relationship, employees should be forewarned that the plug was about to be pulled. In the 1930s, it was thought that nobody was entitled to more than six months’ notice. If you provided working notice, “Jack, you’re finished in six months”, no pay in lieu of that notice needed to be provided.