Workplace Harassment

Part way through completing her undergraduate degree at university, Shelly decided she needed a trade to help pay her way and took a cosmetology course. In order to be certified, she had to complete a three-month internship which she obtained in a hair salon in Halifax.

Picking and choosing when it comes to sexual harassment

Sheila had been working for Derek as a dental assistant in his practice for 11 years. During the last year of her employment, Derek mentioned on a couple of occasions that he thought Sheila’s clothes were too tight and were a bit too revealing and distracting. Sometimes he would ask her to put on her lab coat. He told her that it wasn’t good for him to see her wearing things that accentuated her body.

Keep those sexy emails!

The lesson to be learned from today’s article is,  if you are going to have a sexual relationship with somebody in the workplace, make sure to keep a copy of any dirty emails they send you. If things go sour and they claim that you sexually harassed them they might be important.