Both parents are entitled to receiving information on their children.

The Children’s Law Reform Act clearly provides that the entitlement to access to a child “includes the right to visit with and be visited by the child and the same right as a parent to make inquiries and to be given information as to the health, education and welfare of the child”. Third parties who are involved in a child’s life, such as teachers, principals, healthcare providers, coaches, and others have an obligation to provide information to both parents.

Parents often tell me that the other parent does not provide them with information. It is not one parent’s responsibility to give you information about your child.

When you are separated, you are still a parent and that becomes your responsibility. Contact your child’s school, healthcare providers and coaches and request politely to have that information; be added to the team’s e-mail list, receive your own copies of report cards (offer to pick them up) or have your own parent teacher interviews. Don’t blame the other parent. Be a parent. If you have a problem with third party teachers, healthcare providers or others you might to want to politely suggest they contact the “person in charge” so that they are apprised of their legal responsibilities.

Joanne Guarasci (Petermann)
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