Estate planning while social distancing

How do you execute Wills and Powers of Attorney in a social distancing world?
The traditional way to execute Wills and Powers of Attorney is in person with two witnesses close by to watch you sign the papers.  During the emergency order the Ontario Government has allowed for virtual witnessing in certain circumstances;
  1. One witness must be a lawyer or paralegal;
  2. Both witnesses must be able to see the testator and see them sign; and
  3. The testator must still put pen to paper (no digital signatures).
Here at Ross & McBride LLP we are able to accommodate the traditional way and the virtual way.  We have processes in place to keep you safe in our office if you choose to visit to sign.  We also offer phone and video consultations so you only have to visit to sign your documents. 
We also have the technology to execute Wills and Powers of Attorney virtually without you needing to download any computer program or app to your computer, tablet or smart phone.
Even though we are in extremely difficult times, we will find a way to ensure you have access to the legal services you need.