I am a commercial truck driver and I surprised by the number of trucking accidents which occur on the roadways. What are the causes of truck accidents?

According to statistics released by the OPP in 2017, one in five fatal collisions on Ontario provincial roads between 2012 and 2016 involved a transport truck.  The weight and size of these vehicles contribute to the catastrophic results when they are involved in a collision with another vehicle.
There are number of common causes of truck accidents other than driver error.  Often vehicle defects in the form of damaged axles, faulty brakes, defective hitches and blow tires have contributed to crashes.  Truck equipment or unsecured loads that fall of a truck into the path of another vehicle are other causes of accidents.  Also, despite the requirement that commercial vehicles must be fully inspected a minimum of three times a year, improper maintenance of these vehicles continues to lead to serious accidents.
Many collisions are caused by driver fatigue which can have the same effects as a driving drunk.  Ontario law requires amongst other requirements, that a driver must not drive more than 14 hours per day and must have 10 hours off-duty per day.  Drivers are required to maintain logbooks with daily entries that confirm the driver’s schedule, the number of hours on and off duty and details of their travel.
Despite the regulations and requirements imposed on commercial truck drivers,  a high number of serious and fatal accidents will continue to occur until drivers abide by the laws, maintain their vehicles and keep their eyes on the road.
Anandi Naipaul
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