What exactly do real estate lawyers do on the purchase of a property?

First, a real estate lawyer reviews the agreement of Purchase and sale, which is usually drafted by a realtor, to ensure that all required information contained in the document is accurate.

Q: What are the top red flags for tenants in commercial leases?

Q: What are the top red flags for tenants in commercial leases?

A: The premises a business operates on can be fundamental to its success and rent is often one of its biggest expenses. accordingly, below are some of the top red flags for tenants to avoid when entering into a commercial lease agreement:

Fishy expense claims end career

When a relationship sours, employers start taking a closer look and things get bad quickly, writes Ed Canning.

If physical abuse isn't just cause for firing, what is?

Terminated unionized workers can grieve their termination and end up with an order for reinstatement if an adjudicator does not find the dismissal was warranted, writes Ed Canning.

Do consultants have rights under the Employment Standards Act?

Q: I work full-time as a consultant providing advice to a business. Do employment laws apply to me?

Choosing optional no-fault auto insurance benefits

Q: I’m renewing my auto insurance policy. What should I consider in purchasing no-fault insurance benefits?

12 Ways to Win your Motion

Are you considering bringing a Motion? Do you have a Pre-Trial coming up?

What are the escalated sanctions for novice drivers in Ontario?

Any traffic ticket as a novice driver or a new driver is a big deal because there may be additional escalated sanction penalties registered against your driving record upon conviction.

Discrimination inflates termination costs

If you terminate an employee, discriminatory comments will be relied upon and the cost of the termination will increase exponentially. 

Does my employer have to accommodate me if I give them a doctor’s note?

Your employer does have a duty to accommodate you, but it is not absolute.