Beware of verbal promises

If someone is buying a business through an asset sale and taking on existing employees, the onus should be on the new employer to make the offer of employment clear, writes Ed Canning.

How to support a transgender co-worker

Q: My co-worker, who identifies as transgender, has been facing discrimination and harassment at our workplace. How I can help them navigate this challenging situation?

Ensuring employment agreements are enforceable

Q: Last week you answered a question for a reader who was fired and said that most employment contracts that try to set out what an employer has to pay an employee when the employee is terminated are unenforceable. As a small business owner, this is really frustrating as we often can’t afford to pay significant severance packages to relatively short-term employees. Is there anything we can do, or are we stuck with having to pay amounts we often can’t afford?

Why be nice to lawyers?

Someone involved in litigation should always assume the letters they write will end up in front of a judge, writes Ed Canning.

Laid off after 17 years; what am I owed?

Q: I was fired for the first time ever this week. The small manufacturing company I worked for restructured and eliminated the night shift – where I just happened to be the shift supervisor on for the past 17 years. I’m now unemployed at 57 years of age and worried I won’t find new work. My employment agreement limits me to the Employment Standards Act and the termination letter tells me I’m only entitled to eight weeks pay. What is the point of spending more money on a lawyer to consult at time when I’m worried I can’t afford it when the contract seems clear as to what I get when I’m terminated?

Inability to mask creates employer obligations

An employer has to try to accommodate, but only to the point of undue hardship, writes Ed Canning.

Have you reviewed your auto insurance policy lately?

Review your auto insurance policy and consider whether this enhanced coverage would be right for you. in the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident, don’t be caught without adequate coverage.

Scooping employer’s client costs engineer over $112K

Employees who are loaned out to someone else know the clients better than their employer, leaving the employer extremely vulnerable to abuse, writes Ed Canning.

Q: My Long-Term Disability benefits have been terminated but my counsellor says I’m not ready to return to work. What do I do now?

A: The stressors of the last few years have burdened many of us with
mental health challenges, including a significant increase in reported
rates of depression and anxiety. unfortunately, for some this has
resulted in the need for time off work to seek treatment and attempt to

Addressing the systemic barriers to justice

Is law just for people with money?  Access to justice is a fundamental human right, yet for many marginalized communities in Ontario, it remains out of reach.