Q: My Long-Term Disability benefits have been terminated but my counsellor says I’m not ready to return to work. What do I do now?

A: The stressors of the last few years have burdened many of us with
mental health challenges, including a significant increase in reported
rates of depression and anxiety. unfortunately, for some this has
resulted in the need for time off work to seek treatment and attempt to

Addressing the systemic barriers to justice

Is law just for people with money?  Access to justice is a fundamental human right, yet for many marginalized communities in Ontario, it remains out of reach. 

Using a digital ID – pros and cons

We live in an increasingly digitized world. As a human rights lawyer, I get asked on a regular basis about the pros and cons of using digital ID for government service delivery. 

Estate Litigation: Challenging a gift given before death

Elderly parents may give gifts to their children or grandchildren before they pass away instead of including them in their Last Will. If other family members don't receive a similar gift, they may question and potentially contest it.

How to recognize discrimination, and what to do

Q: What is discrimination?  A: Discrimination occurs when differential treatment results in a negative impact.

After-hours conduct can get you fired

Not all off-duty behaviour will justify a termination and a lot of it depends on what position you hold, writes Ed Canning.

What exactly do real estate lawyers do on the purchase of a property?

First, a real estate lawyer reviews the agreement of Purchase and sale, which is usually drafted by a realtor, to ensure that all required information contained in the document is accurate.

Q: What are the top red flags for tenants in commercial leases?

Q: What are the top red flags for tenants in commercial leases?

A: The premises a business operates on can be fundamental to its success and rent is often one of its biggest expenses. accordingly, below are some of the top red flags for tenants to avoid when entering into a commercial lease agreement:

Fishy expense claims end career

When a relationship sours, employers start taking a closer look and things get bad quickly, writes Ed Canning.

If physical abuse isn't just cause for firing, what is?

Terminated unionized workers can grieve their termination and end up with an order for reinstatement if an adjudicator does not find the dismissal was warranted, writes Ed Canning.