Should life mean "life"

The Harper Government's latest initiative on criminal justice is their plan to do away with parole for persons found guitly of first degree murder based on the position of the victim (police officers), the nature of the underlying crime or particular circumstances.

Why a simple Will may not be good enough

The frustrations of a Waterdown woman who is unable to obtain the ashes of her deceased father even though she paid for the funeral highlights the need for effective estate planning. 

Injured in a snow mobile accident?

I sustained serious injuries when I Iost control of my snowmobile on a public trail.  Do I have a lawsuit?

What are the legal bases for challenging a Will?

What are the legal bases for challenging a Will?


Who gets to keep the engagement ring?

Social Media and Employment issues

Should what you post online lead to potential job action?

Sunday Brunch Radio Show - January 11th

Lots of news items for a criminal lawyer to talk about . . .

Imposing a sentence

How does a judge decide that the right sentence is to impose on an offender?

What is an Examination for Discovery?

What is an examination for discovery? My mother started a lawsuit against the other driver for injuries she suffered in a bad T-bone accident and she has to attend one of these very soon?

Seriously injured in a vehicle accident?

I sustained serious injuries in a car accident that was not my fault.  What can I sue the other driver for?