Social Media and Employment issues

Should what you post online lead to potential job action?

Sunday Brunch Radio Show - January 11th

Lots of news items for a criminal lawyer to talk about . . .

Imposing a sentence

How does a judge decide that the right sentence is to impose on an offender?

What is an Examination for Discovery?

What is an examination for discovery? My mother started a lawsuit against the other driver for injuries she suffered in a bad T-bone accident and she has to attend one of these very soon?

Seriously injured in a vehicle accident?

I sustained serious injuries in a car accident that was not my fault.  What can I sue the other driver for?

Legal Matters - Personal Injury

I was struck by a car while crossing the street and I cannot go back to work. I need help. I was told I cannot sue the driver who hit me for my injuries because of “no-fault’ insurance. Is that true?

Legal Matters - Personal Injury

I was injured in a car accident and I have sued the driver who hit me.  Can my facebook posts and pictures be used against me in Court?

Police no longer require a warrant to search your cellphone

The Supreme Court of Canada, by a 4:3 margin, has authorized police to search cellphones of people they’ve arrested without getting a warrant first.

What Constitutes a Charitable Gift?

The case of Imoh v. The Queen, 2014 TCC 258 (CanLII) demonstrates what goes into making a legitimate gift to a charity, and, conversely, the expectations of a charity in issuing appropriate charitable receipts so that tax payers can claim tax credits for their charitable gifts in their income tax returns.  The case was actually comprises of two cases with common facts, involving two individuals, David Anele Imoh and Oladele Bello, and two charitable organizations, Revival Time Ministries and Revival Time Ministries International, but for purposes of this article we will simply refer to the Imoh case and the two organizations as the “organization”

Can an employer still serve alcohol to employees at a holiday celebration?

Assuming the company complies with licensing requirements, the short answer is “yes”.