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Congratulations to Derek Sheppard and Taran Hoogsteen, two of our Articling Students on their recent Call to the Bar.

Can my employer fire me because I am pregnant?

Can my employer fire me because I am pregnant?

OBA 2021 Board of Directors

Jennifer Zdriluk has been named Central South Regional Director for the Ontario Bar Association.

Is it Sexual Harassment

The law protects individuals from unwanted conduct that relates to your gender.

ONCA Update and Outtakes September 2020

The Ontario government appears to be intent upon proclaiming the ONCA, but continues to be delayed in the completion of the regulations and the online business registry

How does the Court decide which school a child should attend?

When parents are ultimately in a deadlock on the issue of which school their child should attend, the issue may be left to a judge’s discretion.

Employment Benefit subsidies during COVID-19

I have been let go from my job during the pandemic, do I apply for EI or CERB?

CBC Hamilton reports on the death of animal activist Regan Russell

Russell, a Hamilton animal rights activist, was giving water to pigs crammed into a transport truck trailer headed into Fearman's Pork Inc. on June 19.

We stand with the family of Regan Russell

The right to peaceful protest is a fundamental staple of a democratic society.

COVID-19 and Employment Law Issues in Ontario Arising from the Pandemic

There are some important carve-outs and other changes to the ESA as well, which people should get legal advice on if they need it.  Some of them are discussed in more detail below.