Constructive dismissal claims tricky

In a courtroom, the onus is on an employee to prove on a balance of probabilities they have been constructively dismissed. Success is not assured, writes Ed Canning.

Shene Harris named among Hamilton’s Top 40 Under Forty

It's our pleasure to share that Shene Harris has been named among Hamilton’s Top 40 Under Forty!

Legal Matters: Why small businesses need a minute book

No matter where your company is incorporated, maintaining an up-to-date and organized minute book allows you to easily share information about your business with fellow shareholders, banks, or potential purchasers of your company.

Legal Matters: Can my boss pressure me to retire?

Businesses are allowed to ask, neutrally, if a worker plans on retiring in the near future but they can’t put pressure on them. In fact, the Ontario Human Rights Code was amended in 2006 to ban most, if not all, mandatory retirement schemes.

Employment law: Assume you are being electronically monitored

As of Oct. 11, employers with more than 25 employees had to adopt a written policy, writes Ed Canning.

Legal Matters: Why should you incorporate your business?

While incorporating your business may seem like a daunting or unnecessary process, there are many beneficial reasons for taking the steps to do so.

Legal Matters: What is Human Rights Law?

Human rights law protects the right to equality. There are provincial and federal human rights laws that apply in different situations, which have different processes for complaints, however they both promote and enforce equality and dignity.

Q&A: Vacationing while off ill and harassment complaints

As an employer, you do not have the right to ask for a specific diagnosis, writes Ed Canning.

An innovative future building on a notable history

Anandi Naipaul discusses the changing legal landscape and the future of Ross & McBride.

Legal Matters: Can a landlord refuse to rent to me because I am on ODSP?

Rental prices have risen dramatically through the pandemic, and there is little in the way of municipal policy to support affordable housing or folks living in encampments. For people on fixed incomes and receiving social assistance through programs like ODSP, the current rental climate and lack of compassion in the city is cause for concern.