Estate & Trust Law

The Estate and Trust Law Group of Ross & McBride LLP can help safeguard your wealth and plan for your family's future with our comprehensive estate planning services.

The Estate and Trust Law Group of Ross & McBride LLP can assist your estate trustee, executor, trustee with all aspects of administering an estate.

The Estate and Trust Law Group of Ross & McBride takes pride in giving our clients concise, effective and timely advice to protect their legacy.

Estate Planning:

  • Preparation of estate plans, including wills of varying complexity.
  • Business succession planning including corporate reorganizations, estate freezes, asset and share transfers as well as shareholder agreements.
  • Development of probate free and tax efficient strategies.
  • Creation of charitable trusts and foundations, family trusts, insurance trusts and gifting programs.
  • Creation of trusts for those with special needs, to protect the elderly and disabled.
  • Development of special trusts like spousal and cottage trusts.
  • Creation of Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care.
  • Preparation of international estate plans


Estate Administration:

  • Prepare court documents for probate.
  • Assist with the administration of an estate.
  • Assist with complex estates.
  • Assist with difficult beneficiaries.
  • Prepare estate accounts.
  • Advise executors, trustees and beneficiaries.


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